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The following page contains information and links to help you better understand what's happening to Wireless Microphones and In-Ear Systems in the UK.

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What you need to know about wireless audio

Wireless microphones are essential to modern production values. From live performances to big events, corporate conferences to your local house of worship, wireless systems are everywhere.

The world’s first model was the Shure Vagabond, which was first introduced in 1953. Early designs were primitive, but thanks to modern and more affordable technology, we now see wireless microphones and in-ear monitors used by virtually every live event across the globe. Irrespective of their venue or event, uninterrupted high quality audio is critical. Any interference experienced that causes audio failure has severe repercussions for both the production and audience alike.

For wireless systems to work without interruption, we need access to clean RF (radio frequency) spectrum; this is fundamental rule number one. Until recently, we’ve enjoyed access to relatively large amounts of high-quality spectrum for the operation of wireless systems. However, recent years have turned the entire industry on its head. Our ability to use wireless systems in any capacity is now under immense strain, and there could soon be insufficient clean spectrum available to reliably operate wireless equipment across the UK.

Learn More & Be Ready

With changes to wireless audio coming thick and fast in recent years, it has become increasingly clear that something needed to be done to raise awareness of the widespread types of pro and semi-pro wireless microphone users in many different markets. Enter – Losing Your Voice.

What is Losing Your Voice?

Losing Your Voice is a Shure UK led initiative to develop a greater understanding of wireless technology and the ongoing changes. We would like to invite wireless microphone users of all levels to broaden their understanding of the current landscape by visiting the website.

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For a complete list of frequencies related to Shure wireless & in-ear monitor systems, please visit

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(Updated - February 2015)