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Basis + Rave Network Audio System

QSControl.net: Basis+Rave

QSControl.net is a networked audio system platform that seamlessly integrates QSC's Amplifier and Loudspeaker Management, Configurable Digital Signal Processing and Digital Audio Transport into a unified system administered through a user-friendly GUI. QSC's BASIS, RAVE 522ua and DSP 322ua devices all operate under QSControl.net, networked and controlled from Venue Manager software. Furthermore, multiple networked computers can control and monitor all units simultaneously. QSControl.net is AMX® and Crestron® compatible.



BASIS processors include Amplifier and Loudspeaker Management, Configurable DSP and CobraNet Digital Audio Transport in a compact 1RU device. BASIS processors can be generally considered a superset of the RAVE and DSP 322ua devices.

Automatic Power Limiting* is one of the most powerful features of the BASIS products. This technology establishes a feedback loop between QSC's speakers and amps that assesses the driver's thermal response to the true power delivered to it and uses this information to dynamically limit the power allowed to reach the driver. Power Limiting has no effect on the sound until the designated thermal limit is exceeded, beyond which the power to the driver is reduced to a safe level. This maximizes each loudspeaker's performance without exceeding its safe operating range.

Previous configurable DSP systems have often suffered from the problem of variable latency for signal propagating through different processing paths. QSC has solved this problem by yielding a short, fixed processing latency through its DSP subsystem, regardless of the signal path.

BASIS processors connect directly to the DataPort on select QSC amplifiers, providing network control and monitoring of amplifier functions. All models incorporate the DSP functions discussed in Venue Manager Software.


In addition to its Digital Audio Transport functions, the RAVE 522ua incorporates DSP functions controlled by Venue Manager Software.

DSP 322ua

The DSP 322ua operates under QSControl.net but without CobraNet Digital Audio Transport capability. It incorporates DSP functions controlled by Venue Manager Software.

* BASIS Automatic Power Limiting is patented by QSC (U.S. patent number 6,940,981)

All of the BASIS, RAVE and DSP devices operate under the same Venue Manager software . The units differ by the inputs and outputs that they offer.

  Inputs   Outputs
Model Analog / Digital Digital CobraNet DSP Analog DataPort DSP
BASIS 772az 8-line level - - 24 x 24 - 4 (8 ch) -
BASIS 902zz - - 24 of 32 24 x 24 - 4 (8 ch) 32
BASIS 904zz - - 24 of 32 24 x 24 - 8 (16 ch) 32
BASIS 914lz 4 XLR-line level - 16 of 32 24 x 24 - 8 (16 ch) 32
BASIS 922az 8-line level - 16 of 32 24 x 24 - 4 (8 ch) 32
BASIS 922dz - - 16 of 32 24 x 24 - 4 (8 ch) 32
BASIS 922uz 8 universal mic/line AES/EBU
(25 pin, 8 ch)
16 of 32 24 x 24 - 4 (8 ch) 32
DSP 322uz 8 universal mic/line - 16 of 32 24 x 24 8-line level - -

Connector Types:

  • 1: Analog Line Level and Universal Mic/Line via 3-pin "phoenix style" (euro style) detachable terminal blocks. XLR inputs are balanced XLR/TRS combo connectors. (Pin 1/Tip: Hot, Pin 2/Ring: Cold, Pin3/Sleeve: Shield)
  • 2: 25-pin DB-25 style AES/EBU electrically balanced, 48 kHz sample rate
  • 3: RJ45 connector
  • 4: HD-15 Dataport connector
  • 5: 5-pin "phoenix style" (euro style) detachable terminal block

Examplary Configration

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QSControl.net™ Venue ManagerSoftware

This software runs on a Windows-based PC and interfaces with QSC BASIS/RAVE/DSP products, as well as NAC-100 and CM16a products to control and monitor a network audio system.

Latest Release

Venue Manager v3.2 (ZIP-Datei)
Last Updated: 2010/11/8
Version: 3.20.189
Free Download (90 MB)

Release Notes for version 3.20.189 (TXT-Datei)
Supports DCP Series products and compliments DCP Manager 2.00.11

Download & installation instructions

The Venue Manager package is compressed into a ZIP file. To install, you must first download the ZIP file to your local drive, then extract the archive and run setup.exe. If you open the ZIP archive by double-clicking, the installer will fail to find the necessary components.

Windows XP has built-in support for extracting ZIP files. Or, you can download free versions of WinZip or Stuffit Expander to extract the installation files.


Automatic Power Limiter Settings (CSV-Datei)
Last Updated: 2009/05/29
Note: in order to ensure getting the latest file, please go to your web browser and "Delete Temporary Internet Files" if you have previously downloaded the Power Limiter Settings.