Network Audio Systems

Basis + Rave Network Audio System has the fundamental ability to serve as an all-encompassing, networked audio system with a widesweeping reach extending from microphone input to loudspeaker output. Designed for system integrators, contractors, consultants and audio engineers for processing, amplifier management and audio transport functions that can be easily integrated with QSC power amplifiers and loudspeakers. ;

QSC Q-Sys Cores 1100 and 3100

Q-Sys™ is a complete integrated system platform that encompasses everything from the audio input to loudspeakers. It is designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of large-scale applications such as: stadiums and arenas, attractions and theme parks, performing arts venues, transportation hubs, legislative and judicial chambers, hotels and casinos, houses of worship, corporate campuses, educational facilities or anywhere else the need exists for a powerful system-wide audio solution