Classic Microphones

Shure Classic Microphones

Unmistakable live performance microphones. Giving voice to artists and leaders for generations.

The Shure product legacy includes a distinctive portfolio of innovative products - ideal for their time and purpose. From generation to generation, these microphones have retained a timeless character as attractive to artists today as ever before.

Speech & Vocals

This classic dynamic microphoneDynamic mics have a simple, rugged construction and can handle very high sound pressure levels.Read moreGo to the glossary is commonly referred to as the Woodstock microphone for its part in the festival
Vocal microphone featuring a signature satin chrome-plated die-cast casing for pure vintage look and feel.
Modern take on vintage design. SupercardioidPicks up most sound in front of the microphone and very little from the sides, making it more directional than a cardioid mic. Read moreGo to the glossary Vocal microphone


The 520DX which is known as "Green Bullet" holds a spot in history as the definitive blues harp voice.
The predecessor to the now legendary SM57