Mixing Consoles

Shure Distribution Mixers

A comprehensive range of mixers for audio-visual and sound reinforcement installations

Shure SCM mixers offer high-quality sound and ease of use. They are suitable for installations of all sizes. The primary function of a Shure Automatic Mixer is to keep unused microphones attenuated (turned off) and to instantaneously activate microphones when needed. Build-up of background and reverberant noise, reduced gain before feedback, and comb filtering can be all controlled by using a Shure Automatic Mixer. 

Installed Mixers

Stereo mixer intended for sound reinforcement applications (microphones with consumer stereo products)
Transformer-balanced, four-channel microphone mixer
Full-featured, eight-channel microphone mixer for sound reinforcement, general audio recording, and audio-visual systems
Eight-channel automatic microphone mixer designed for use in sound reinforcement, audio recording, and broadcast applications.
8-channel digital automatic mixer designed for use in speech applications
3-input, 2 output, portable stereo mixer specifically designed for remote audio recording, electronic news gathering and location film production.