We compared several DSP audio management systems, but we soon realised that Q-Sys was the best fit.

Mathew Cook, Technical Director - Insight

Q-Sys Manages Audio at GSK Consumer Healthcare's Shopper Science Lab

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Installs QSC Networked Audio Management Platform

QSC amplifiers and speakers, together with a Q-Sys networked audio management system based around a Core 500i processor, have been installed by UK systems integrator Insight Presentation Systems at a consumer market research environment at the GSK Consumer Healthcare Shopper Science Lab research facility in Brentford, West London.

What is GSK Shopper Science Lab?

The GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSK) Shopper Science Lab is a state-of-the art research facility providing in-depth understanding of how and why shoppers make decisions and what influences their choices. At 10,000 square feet in size and filled with groundbreaking technology, the Shopper Science Lab is the biggest facility of its kind in Europe. It is home to the world’s largest seamless touch-screen (Virtual Insight and Engagement Wall) at 5.32m wide and 2.55m high, providing full 3D visualisation of retail environments. The Pharmacy and Retail store areas recreate real-life retail environments and mobile eye-tracking equipment provides in-depth analysis. The first-of-its-kind Pharmacy space enables retailers to test and evaluate shopper responses to various pharmacy displays.

Requirement: Central Management of Audio Across the New Facility

The AV integrator assigned to this project by GSK Consumer Healthcare, Insight Presentation Systems, chose Q-Sys to manage the audio systems in the GSK Shopper Science Lab — and as Mathew Cook, Insight's Technical Director, explains, this was their first project to use QSC technology. "We compared several DSP audio management systems, but we soon realised that Q-Sys was the best fit. There were going to be audio racks and amplifiers in the various different public areas of the Lab, and they needed to be connected by a network. We needed to be able to have the audio management platform simply 'see' all of the audio infrastructure by connecting it to the existing AV network. Q-Sys allowed us to do that, whereas the other possible solutions did not."

The QSC systems chosen to manage and process audio in the GSK Shopper Suite are based around a Core 500i and two I/O Frames. The main processor controls four CX602V amplifiers driving multiple QSC Acoustic Design S32-T wall-mount and AD-C42T in-ceiling loudspeakers throughout the Lab. "As we were using Q-Sys and QSC amplifiers, I thought we'd go with QSC for the speakers too," continues Mathew Cook. "It's a more consistent approach, and it was also simpler to dealing with a single supplier [UK QSC distributor Shure Distribution UK] for all of that."

Complex AV Installation Made Easy: Q-Sys Management Software

Once Q-Sys was installed, Cook also liked being able to have different pages on different tabs in the Q-Sys management software, Q-Sys Designer, for different aspects of the audio network. "This system is quite complex, and also evolved a lot over the design period. The different pages helped me to keep it ordered and easy to work with. If I had had to put the whole system on one page, as with other DSP systems, it would rapidly have become impossible."

At a glance

  • QSC Q-Sys, provides top quality audio across a network
  • Minimal programming time
  • Simple design through software

Used products

Audio Management:
Acoustic Design C-Series