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Cutting Edge Audio Technology

SDUK products feature a variety of cutting-edge technologies providing integrated, powerful, reliable and user friendly solutions for demanding installed applications.

Audio Technology from SDUK Products



The patented IntelliMix® Technology is implemented in the Shure Automatic Mixers SCM410, SCM810, and SCM820. It improves audio quality in any application where multiple microphones are required.



Wireless audio transmission in Microflex Wireless and ULX-D is protected by AES-256 encryption. The same secure standard used in international government applications.


The Shure Wireless Workbench Software is the ultimate wireless command centre for frequency coordination of any Shure Wireless product and networked control of Axient, UHF-R and ULX-D.

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Digital Audio Networking


SCM820, ULX-D and Microflex Wireless can be connected through Dante™ Digital Audio Network. Dante™ offers a total solution for transporting audio over standard IP Ethernet networks.


Atmosphea® is more than just a sound system technology. Signals from premium Shure microphones are fed into a digital sound system, which processes independent signals for each output following comprehensive algorithms.

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QSC Q-Sys is the most powerful yet simple solution on the market for audio processing, control and management. It is designed and backed by the industry leaders of audio engineering and service. 

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