Amplifiers for Installed Applications

QSC offer some of the most innovative, superb sounding amplifiers in the world. Flexibility, power, and great sound at your finger tips.

Amplifiers for Installed Applications


Three models, rugged design, various connection options, optimised for musicians and DJs. 

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Seven models including four low impedance models rated for 2-ohm operation, and three "Ti" versions with isolated 25, 70 and 100 volt outputs for distributed audio systems. 

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Economical and rugged power amplifier for system integrators. Ideal for facilities such as performance halls, houses of worship, sports clubs, gymnasiums, dance venues, pubs, and FGM/BGM systems. 

CMX Page


2, 4 or 8 channel models available. Perfect for installations.

CX Page


For touring rigs or fixed installations. Three models range in power from 1250 watts to 4000 watts per channel at two ohms.

PowerLight Page


Designed specifically for the needs of integrators with high performance but optimal energy and rack space efficiency. 

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