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Sound Devices was founded in 1998 to build field-production audioproducts that would improve the working lives of its customers.The company now manufactures a growing family of audio mixers,recorders, preamplifiers, computer interfaces and video recorders(Video Devices), all designed specifically for production professionalsworldwide. Sound Devices products are known for excellent audioand video performance in extreme locations ranging from theHimalayas to Hollywood.

Sound Devices' growing family of audio mixers, recorders, preamplifiers, computer interfaces, and video recorders are built for production professionals worldwide. Sound Devices products are distributed in the UK by Shure Distribution. Contact us for more information or locate a dealer from the list.

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Sound Devices In Action

When director & producer of new documentary In Pursuit of Silence needed audio equipment that was quieter than the environments it recorded, he turned to Sound Devices and the 633.

Professional sound recordist, Deian Humphreys, entrusted 788T-SSD and other Sound Devices gear to provide out-of-this-world audio recording capabilities for BBC’s Doctor Who.

Emmy award-nominated sound mixer relies on a variety of Sound Devices mixers and recorders to keep viewers hooked on the popular AMC series Breaking Bad.

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