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A US company of over 40 years’ standing, Servoreeler manufactures elegant solutions to silently deploy and retract suspended microphones by remote or computer control without affecting sound or signal quality. The company’s products are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and are used in concert halls, churches, boardrooms and meeting spaces where aesthetics are of central importance, including the US Senate Chamber.

Servoreeler Products available from Shure Distribution UK

SRL Series: Suspended Microphone Systems

Servoreeler SRL Series

Designed to make microphone disappear into a ceiling or scaffolding. More information on

SRP Series: Pull Activated Microphone Reelers

Servoreeler SRP Series

Designed for Legislative Chambers. More information on

Servoreeler Installation Examples

ServoReelers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations and can be supplied with microphones fitted for some applications. Ideally suited to concert halls, churches, multi-purpose venues, boardrooms and meeting spaces. Servoreelers are in daily use by leading UK companies and can be found in prestigious venues.

UK Installations

  • The Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK
  • Manchester Univ. Dept. Music, UK
  • The London Stock Exchange, UK
  • St John's College Chapel, Cambridge, UK
  • New College, Oxford, UK
  • Lloyds Bank of London, UK
  • Barclays Capital, UK
  • Cleary Gottlieb, UK
  • MOD, London, UK

Worldwide Installations

  • Yale University, CT, USA
  • Pepsi Arena, CO, USA
  • IBM Corporation Headquarters, NYC, USA
  • The United States Senate Chamber, Washington DC, USA
  • MoMa, NYC, USA
  • Havard Business School, CT, USA
  • Merrill Lynch, NYC, USA
  • Hill Air Force Base, UT, YSA
  • Honda Corporation, OH, USA
  • Moscow Int. Concert Hall, Russia
  • The Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow,
  • Mayo Clinic, Dubai

Patented Design

Servoreelers employ a unique cable through design that enables the retraction and deployment of cable without the use of slip-rings.

This design allows the use of a continuous piece of cable from input to output eliminating any potential for noise contamination of the audio signal.

Phantom powered microphones can be repositioned live with absolutely no effect to the signal quality.