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RF Venue

RF Venue manufactures innovative, novel technologies that make wireless audio systems work and sound better.

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RF Venue Products in Shure Portfolio

The links open the respective products pages of the official RF Venue homepage. There you will find details and a variety of configuration options.

Diversity Fin

Polarization Diversity Antenna

Our most versatile antenna, The Diversity Fin reduces signal dropouts and completely eliminates multi-path interference on any UHF wireless microphone system. It gives better performance than paired “paddle” type LPDAs in half the space, and significantly speeds setup and take-down with its folding design.

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CP Beam

High Gain Folding Helical Antenna

The CP Beam antenna provides high gain for wireless mics and IEMs in a lightweight, portable package. Unlike other bulky helical antennas which require heavy flight cases, the CP Beam is quickly deployed and stowed—fitting in a 2RU rack drawer and weighing just 2.5 lbs while delivering 9 dBd of gain.

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RF Spotlight

Low Profile Nearfield Antenna

The RF Spotlight is a low profile floor pad antenna which enables wireless mics and IEMs in the most crowded RF environments. Perfect on stages, in hotel breakout rooms, at conventions, or in church sanctuaries, the Spotlight is effective where multiple wireless systems are inter-operating across facilities and open channels are limited.

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Architecturally Discreet Ceiling Antenna

The CX-22 Antenna is an unobtrusive, near field antenna system designed to work with UHF wireless microphones. It attaches easily to any standard 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile with the included hardware kit and blends easily into any boardroom, classroom, or other drop-ceiling environment.

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RF Explorer RackPRO

Spectrum Analyzer + RF Coordination Software

The RF Venue RF Explorer RackPRO is a packaged hardware and software tool for spectrum analysis and frequency coordination. Designed for the needs of audio professionals.

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Antenna Distribution System With Cascade

DISTRO4 + cascade provides RF and DC power to 4 wireless microphone systems of any brand, allowing you to split 2 incoming antenna signals across multiple receivers.

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Combine 4

Signal Combiner for IEM Transmitters

COMBINE4 joins four IEM signals into a single RF output for dramatic improvement in signal quality.

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RF Optix

Fiber Optic Remote Antenna Distribution System

The RF Optix fiber optic remote antenna system represents a new era in RF distribution for any brand wireless audio system or distributed antenna installation. The RF Optix system substantially reduces material and labor costs by eliminating the need for expensive and lossy coaxial cables.

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